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A local bloke has today had his weekend drug habit blown wide open by a cheeky little ten dollar note, it’s reported.

Aaron Marshall [32] was buying his usual tradie breakfast of a Breaka milk chocolate and steak pie, when he’d rummaged in his backpack for a loose note. Landing on a crisp $10 bill, onlookers say the brickie had stretched his arm out to pass it to the cashier when he visibly recoiled in horror.

It’s alleged Aaron stopped to unroll a note that was very obviously curled into a straw, giving the cashier a sheepish look and a nervous laugh as he did so. However, if the rolled note itself wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows, the situation was further escalated when Aaron paused again to examine the edges of the bill, like he was a diamond grader assessing the quality of a stone.

Though he’d likely not be able to get away with a quick lick, given COVID, that didn’t stop the thought from passing through Aaron’s head – which was evident by his reluctance in placing it on the counter.

Had he purchased his brekkie at his usual bakery, Aaron may have been able to get away with his small faux pas. But considering Yianni’s corner store was owned by a forty three year old Greek fella and not his usual elderly attendant, Aaron’s little secret was met with a knowing smile and a chuckle instead.

More to come.


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