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Though local woman Caroline Gibbs had long suspected she was the least liked member of her friendship trio, she’d managed to convince herself that it was merely just her social anxiety talking.

However, Caroline tells our reporter that one Saturday afternoon her worst suspicions were confirmed when a run to the supermarket made it painfully clear where she stood in the friendship hierarchy.

Caroline says she and her mates had been walking three abreast when the footpath suddenly narrowed, forcing Caroline to accept her place behind the chattering pair.

When the footpath widened again and Caroline was able to rejoin her friends, her attempts to contribute to the conversation went largely ignored.

She admits that looking back, she could see that the footpath debacle was just one of many microaggressions she’d experienced.

“I guess I should have known”, says Caroline, “we all had a group photo the other week.”

“They asked me to take the photo.”

Caroline admits that she’s often forced to choose between being alone to ponder her thoughts every weekend or toughing it out with a group of people who regularly dismiss her feelings.

“It’s a tough one”, says Caroline, “honestly, I’d take being rejected romantically over socially anytime.”

“Having your friendship rejected just hits different.”

“How the fuck do adults make new friends?”


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