In lighter news, the Australian version of Lego Masters has been renewed for a fourth and fifth series giving budding Lego Masters a chance to win $100k, the equivalent to about six or so Lego sets.

Based on the UK series of the same name, the little show that could has already produced three seasons, a daring feat considering each episode is 90 minutes long.

The series features Australia’s only certified Lego Professional, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, who advises Lego amateurs on how they can turn their bank account draining hobby into income that can immediately be turned into more colour-coded plastic crates of plastic bricks. 

Once known as a toy that would even get an ‘outside play only’ baby boomer onboard, in decades past the Danish based line of plastic construction toys has boomed in popularity due to merchandise deals with franchises like Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter. 

As the demand of Lego has grown, to the point where grown men and women compete in teams of two to best demonstrate who is the better Lego builder, so too has the price of Lego sets, leading to some awkward conversations with worried spouses and shopping centre Santas alike.

It is for this reason Lego Masters has become so popular in the Lego fandom, as indebted brick heads compete for a chance to win back a small portion of the money they have spent on their expensive hobby. 

“My missus was pretty excited when I told her I bought us an apartment,” stated would-be Lego Master Hayden Grant.

“In hindsight, I understand why she was confused when I came home with the Assembly Square Creator set that I’d spent a quick $400 on.” 

“She kept telling me it’s for kids, even when I showed her the box instructions clearly say 16+ and the photo on the website of an adult playing with it, I mean assembling it.” 

According to Grant, getting picked for the fourth series of Lego Masters would give him a chance to recoup the thousands of dollars he’s spent on Lego, if he is able to stop himself from immediately spending his prize money on the five to six sets he will be able to buy with it.


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