A 10-year-old granddaughter has today learnt that the model of screen entertainment that her parents grew up with is almost unwatchable by her Generation Z standards.

Kisha Farleigh, says she can’t believe the amount of advertisements that Channel 7 has managed to squeeze into the 160 minute animated film she started watching at 2pm on her nan’s extremely outdated television.

Like many Australian children, the most amount of time Kisha has spent watching free-to-air television is during a football match with her dad. She is far more familiar with torrented downloads on USB’s and streaming services like Netflix.

“”Why do they keep stopping the movie for these loud shops”

With dinner just around the corner, Kisha doesn’t know when this fucking thing is going to end. She says every time she thinks it is nearly over, another plot twist is introduced, followed by nine minutes of extremely loud advertisements.

“What is Hungry Jacks?” she asks her nan, who is currently mashing potatoes in time for a 6:30pm dinner.

“It’s a fastfood store” replies nan.

“We took you there once when you were a little girl, before you stopped eating meat and gluten”





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