Ascot-based real estate tycoon, Darren Fanning (35) has today ‘broken in’ his brand spankin’ Prado, after pulling the arse out and parking with two wheels on the nature strip outside his family home.

Only months after picking up ‘the beast’ at Moorooka’s magic mile, Darren is still yet to squeeze in a trip to Fraser Island with his other concrete cowboy mates, who also own beasts.

Even with Darren’s lack of modifications and sand-driving, it doesn’t stop him from taking a few liberties in the city… The type of things that only 4WD nuts like him known about.

“This thing has barely been parked on bitumen” he chuckles to himself.

“Gotta be careful I don’t get booked by the rangers”

“Let’s just say, when we got a bit of stormwater flooding down near the footy oval the other night, I wasn’t one of those sissies skirting around the lollipop lady and looking for an alternative route.”

“[laughter] Just went straight through. You should have seen the faces on all the yuppies at school pick up”

However, unlike most inner-Brisbane 4WD owners, Darren has actually managed to take the car further west than the light industrial car dealership suburb that he picked it up from.

“Yeah, just took her out west on the weekend. Wanted to go off-road but our friends in Dalby are cotton farmers so it was pretty much all sealed roads”

“Taking her out to Gatton this weekend to pick up some antique homeware for the missus. Should be able to get a bit of off-roading in”


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