There’s some great news for Central West of NSW today, as a major Hollywood production company have revealed they’ll be coming to the region later this year.

The production house behind the Stuart Little franchise revealed exclusively to The Advocate today that the latest instalment in the franchise will be set on a property out the back of Orange.

Filmed under the title Stuart Little 4 – Mice Gone Wild, the popular animation mouse is back, bigger and bubblier than ever, but this time in a rural NSW shed.

“Watch Stuart and his crazy buddies try and avoid traps and bait as they run rampant through a property on regional NSW,” explained the head of the production company.

The backers of the new film are believed to have been enticed to come down under with lucrative tax breaks and financial incentives that dwarf the support the government’s given regional NSW residents to deal with the catostrophic outbreak.

It’s not yet know how the film industry employees will survive with taping the bottom of their pants closed and having the rodents run all over their feet.

However, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Party that’s supposed to look out for the interests of regional constituents instead of large resources companies Michael McCormack said that the new film was a huge get for the region.

“We are putting the Central West on the world map,” explained McCormack before confirming the closest he’ll get to the plague is on the red carpet of the new children’s film in a few month’s time.

“Now, before you ask, dealing with this plague is the state’s problem, so the farmers should be directing any questions to them,” before concluding the interview.

More to come.


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