The stark reality of Canberra’s lockdown has been summed up in a viral online photo today.

A local cyclist has snapped a photo of what they say is a Murrays bus doing endless laps of a Canberra roundabout.

This comes just a few days after the ACT went into lockdown like a big grown-up city, with Chief Minister Andrew Barr announcing another 17 cases today.

However, while the cases are relatively high, it’s been the cyclical Murrays bus that’s captured the town’s attention today.

Plenty of locals have paid tribute to the lifeblood of the Bush Capital, with local residents coming out in droves to clap the bus around one of the circles in the Region of Roundabouts.

“Hopefully, the driver is on his announcer in their asking the non-existent passengers to not consume hot food or beverages throughout the coach,” said one onlooker.

“Coaches, that’s what we call them down here”

“God, get me back on a Murrays bus,” said another.

“They are the soul of the city”

“The politicians fly out of the airport, while the real people who aren’t driving somewhere grab a nice black leather seat and enjoy a zoom down the highway.”

It’s not know how long the endless lap is set to go on for, but local authorities have requested that the driver pull into the back of Northbourne Av and change over reasonably soon.

More to come.


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