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An adult man has taken a stand against society today by admitting to something that would bring shame and embarrassment to any normal grown man.

While networking at a toy helicopter convention, Twenton Brickly (32), revealed to a small group of fellow grown-toy-enthusiasts that when he wasn’t admiring the ingenuity of the helicopter, he was hiding behind an online alias and playing poker.

Despite feeling like it was a safe place to reveal his second hobby, Twenton wasn’t met with the response he anticipated.

“I didn’t think it would quite go down the way it did” he revealed to our reporter who was covering the convention.

“I guess not even these nerds are into online poker” he sighed.

According to very reputable research, there are an estimated 130,000 online poker players in Australia of which 41% of them are virgins, 12% suffer from Heliophobia and the other 47% are men in the finance industry who haven’t managed to make any friends in the office.

The Advocate reached out to some of the other nerds at the helicopter convention to get their opinion on Twenton’s confession and whether or not he should have just kept it to himself.

“He definitely should have kept it to himself”

“I knew there was something off about him, then when he said he played online poker everything fell into place.”

More to come.


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