A report released by the Gold Coast council has confirmed that identifying a local chick is pretty easy, and it has nothing to do with a golden tan.

Beth Schwartz, the managing director of the tourist department, says that the Gold Coast has become its own entity, complete with its own set of customs and culture. 

Though the early 2000s had seen a steady stream of tribal tatts, spiked hair, platinum blondes and stringlets, the infamous bandeau top has found itself in somewhat of a revival with the new and improved version – the criss-cross top.

Found worn by virtually every Gold Coast chick aged between 18 – 25, the criss-cross is considered a prize wardrobe staple, for its ability to be both dressy and flattering in the cleavage area.

Though found in other parts of Queensland, the criss-cross top is said to have swept the streets of the Gold Coast, becoming the unofficial clubbing uniform for 2021.

“I was quite surprised, considering we’ve just been hit with a cool winter”, says Schwartz.

“But the tasteful underboob has persevered.”

Available in various styles and levels of skimpiness, Schwartz says she doesn’t expect the cross top to be a fad, as it offers “unrivalled cleavage benefits”, that suit both curvy and slim figures.

“I might even get one myself.”

More to come.


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