If there’s any chore local bloke Ryan Mckenzie doesn’t mind too much, it’s doing the odd spot of vacuuming.

Unlike most cleaning duties, vacuuming has the best hard work to satisfaction ratio and the lowest possibility of touching something disgusting. Hence why Ryan swapped bathroom cleaning duties with his roommate in favour of vacuuming and ironing – which doesn’t sound like a good trade, until you factor in a group of five male roommates, who all seem to shed a kilo of pubes a day.

But like most sharehouses, half the appliances don’t seem to work, and the ones that do usually require a convoluted four-step process to turn on – and it appears the vacuum cleaner is the latest victim.

Despite being the only appliance where ‘it sucks’ is a compliment, Ryan is, unfortunately, having trouble getting any suction action, if pressing the brush head to his open palm is anything to go by.

Taking off the brush head and sliding the nozzle across the floor, Ryan’s fears are soon allayed when the satisfying sound of rattling objects can be heard sliding up the nozzle, which are either pieces of shattered glassware or the odd few bobby pins left over from sneaky links.

More to come.


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