There’s some welcome news for the construction industry in Newcastle, Sydney, and Wollongong (NSW) today, with the Premier adding further details to the roadmap out of lockdown.

Speaking to the media after announcing the daily four-figure case number, Gladys Berejiklian explained that once 90% of people in the cities are double jabbed, concreters will be able to return to not washing their hands after leaving the job site portaloo or toilet.

“This is what we are working towards, what all the sacrifice has been for,” explained the Premier who isn’t taking questions on any of that ICAC corruption stuff.

“Once the rate of double jabbing reaches that milestone, we will allow the concreters on site to return to normality,” she said.

“And good news for the OH&S guys, we will also stop bothering trying to make them wear masks.”

“So they can get back to just hassling them about not smoking on the big sites.”

Berejiklian refused to comment on whether the new rules would apply to other trades on sites and jobs.

“Electricians are always washing and moisturising their hands anyway aren’t they,” laughed Berjeiklian.

“We are investigating though, whether it’s acceptable for gyrprockers to return to pissing in plastic bottles and storing them in the walls.”

“The health advice given to me indicates that that is something we should be open to.”

More to come.


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