A Perth man has responded to the Australian Prime Minister’s comments about his state yesterday.

Speaking to us from the heart of the Democratic People’s Republic Of Western Australia (DPRWA), local Engineer Ned Lands explained that he’s not really too sure what the sledge was about.

“Pretty odd-looking cave to me,” laughed the man enjoying some happy hour beers in a packed pub in the middle of the city before heading off to the movies.

“I mean, if this is a cave, and I’m in some weird simulation, I don’t mind it at all to be honest.”

Ned’s comments come after Scott Morrison took to breakfast TV yesterday to tell the nation that we ‘can’t stay in the cave forever’ after weirdly referencing a children’s cartoon The Croods.

The play on that movie, which isn’t even that popular, has since angered the people that don’t live in NSW and Victoria, who haven’t taken too kindly to being lectured by states and people that aren’t exactly the ‘Gold Standard’ right now.

As Perth man Ned explained to us; “It’s hard to listen to them tell us how to live our life, when our life is pretty good right now, and there’s is not.”

“Sorry we aren’t that keen to just open the borders up and let the Easterners bring the Sydney Sneeze over here,” he laughed.

“Anyway, fuck em. I’m off to go and enjoy a movie sitting next to my mates and sharing popcorn.”

“Night off from footy training, which is still on over here by the way.”


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