The visiting French Rugby team has today revealed how thankful they are to bid Australia farewell.

After a relatively successful hit out against our young Wallabies team in which they almost milked a series win, the French players said they cannot wait to get back to freedom.

“Goodbye big island prison,” said French Captain Anthony Jelonch from the departures gate this morning, speaking through a translator of course.

His comments come after he performed a 7.5 point dive in Brisbane on Saturday night, forcing the Wallabies to win the series decider at Suncorp with 14 men after Marika Korobete’s 4th minute red card.

The game eventually finished 33-30 after a historic performance by the boys in Green and Gold to secure the win on home soil.

“Back home to freedom, where people can work, travel, and play because our government decided securing spicy cough jabs might be a bit of a priority,” he said.

“I listen to your government go on about how many people have the pangolin’s kiss in Europe and how you are doing so much better than everyone else.”

“But they seem to forget the small fact that we’ve got half the population jabbed up and are starting to get our lives back on track again.”

“We opened to jabbed tourists a month ago. Your tourism industry isn’t getting any travellers for years.”

“I would have loved to have posed with the Koalas and Kangaroos on tour, but they wouldn’t let us,” laughed the man who would have taken a tumble if a Koala tapped him on the head.

“And to answer all of the dairy farmers offering me milking jobs in the Gippsland and Murray regions, your government would deport me if I took them anyway.”

“So, until the 2023 World Cup in France, it’s au revoir from us.”


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