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College dormmates of Evan Cassidy are sure there’ll be one day when he looks back on these days and cringes, but that they all agree it’s a long, long way off in the distance.

The 19-year-old creative industries student is stoked to be at university, to finally get away from Mum and Dad – to become the person he always wanted to be.

Unfortunately for some, the person he always wanted to be is somebody who carries an acoustic guitar around his regional university campus.

“Who does this jerk-off think he is? Bob Dylan?” asked one classmate. “He must be from a small town. I don’t think that self-awareness part of his brain has developed yet. He’s not doing himself any punani favours by playing ham-fisted Jack Johnson between lectures that’s for sure.”

However, others have warmed to the South Betootan vagabond and his gentle nature.

Dormmate Cassandra Kilgregman said that while she’d rather be punched in the throat by Wladimir Klitschkoeach morning than even touch Mr Cassidy once, she feels that people like Evan shouldn’t be made fun of just by carrying a guitar around.

“University is about discovering yourself,” she said.

“Even if you discover that you are a giant poon.”

More to come.



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