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The other four members of the flinders family have today had to pause their Shrek 3 viewing as the patriarch received a phone call from an old mate he grew up with, who is currently on a cruise.

This interruption is doubly bad for the flinders family, not only has it prevented the viewing of Mike Myers greatest movie, but the perceived distance between John and his his abroad has meant that John is now yelling into the phone – making the living room uninhabitable for the duration of the call.

“YEAH BILLY, GOOD MATE, GOOD. HOW ARE YOU? HOW ARE YOU GOING OVER THERE?” Enquired John, unaware that he is now speaking at above 100 decibels.

According to the other members of the Flinders family, the reason John yells into the phone is because the person on the other end is so far away.

“You should hear him on his mobile, he speaks bloody loud enough for the neighbours to hear” complains Joanne, John’s wife and mother of his children.

Betoota local police are all too familiar with ‘decibel dads’ as they’ve coined them, due to a surprising misunderstanding.

“A lot of domestic call outs are in fact just concerned neighbours reporting raised voices. But when we get there, we find Dads, like John, just having a yarn on the phone”

“It’s causing us a bit of trouble, we are in fear of developing a ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenario.”

Without a steadfast solution in the pipeline, we expect families across Australia to again brace themselves for another barrage of dad’s ear-drum-bursting evening phone calls as their mates takes off up North for the Winter months.

More to come.



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