After managing to keep his expectations for the English football team in check for the better part of 6 months, a local Pom has finally decided to go all in today.

With the scars from the 2018 World Cup starting to fade just enough, French Quarter Englishman Scott Doyle has confirmed this morning that ‘it’s coming home.’

The term ‘it’s coming home’ became popular during the most recent World Cup in Russia, and was a nostalgic throwback to a 1996 anthem that was released ahead of the country hosting the 1996 European football tournament.

His strong, and almost certainly foolish comments come after England beat Germany 2-0, knocking the Germans out of a major tournament for the first time since 1996.

With that win, the English team take one deeper step into the tournament that they will inevitably get knocked out of over the next couple of weeks.

However, that reality is conveniently being ignored for plenty of English fans, as they start carrying on about ‘it coming home’ again.

“Football’s coming home,” said the red-eyed local agency man who has been doing audio only for a lot of meetings today after saying at most of the night to watch his beloved team.

“Mate, this time it’s for real,” he said with a heartbreaking amount of optimism.

“Mate, Grealish last night, he’s the spark, he can ignite us and win this whole thing for us. Grealish feeding Sterling and Kane is unstoppable.”

“We’ve just gotta start Grealish.”

“And football will be coming home”

More to come.


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