22 August, 2016. 17:15

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The racist Port Adelaide Supporter who was filmed hurling a banana at Adelaide Crow’s superstar Betts in the dying seconds of the Crows’ Showdown win after the mercurial forward’s fifth goal in his 250th game, has today received an indefinite ban from all further Port Adelaide matches.

Eddie Betts has refused to comment on the incident but has been praised for his response on the night, as new footage shows the racially vilified Eddie Betts hurling a a 800ml can of Monster Energy Drink back into the crowd, in a bold political statement.

Monster Energy is an energy drink that landed on shelves across the world in 2002. The regular flavor comes in a black can with a green tear-shaped M logo. The company is also known for supporting many extreme sports events such as BMX, Motocross, Speedway and is often associated with lower class white people who lack any form of enriching culture in their lives.

Aboriginal leaders have encouraged all Indigenous footballers to continue hurling low-brow brands of energy drinks at racist AFL supporters until they get the message that the entire competition depends on blackfellas, and that white trash supporters have very little to be proud of, other than their respective AFL teams, of which nearly 10% are black.

Following an investigation on Sunday, the Port Adelaide Football Club said it was “clear that the [banana-throwing] was racially motivated” and slapped her with the indefinite ban from games.

The woman’s actions, which included allegations that she called Betts a “monkey”, have been universally condemned and Eddie Betts, who is yet to comment on the incident, has been praised for returning fire with the can of Monster.

Port Adelaide president David Koch says it is low breeds like this woman that make AFL look like a smug competition to outsiders in towns like Brisbane and Betoota.

“We are trying to get rid of these Monster-sculling bogans who get a kick out of berating footballers of Indigenous descent,”

“This lady is city on her high horse by calling an elite footballer a ‘monkey’ – when really she’s just an embarrassing testament to Adelaide’s ever growing underclass,”

“I would like to congratulate Eddie Betts on putting her in her place by pointing out that she is nothing but a two-bit toothless bogan.”


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