In a tragic turn of events, it has been reported Betoota mother and daughter Kietha and Jennifer Morris are still not on speaking terms after the alleged ‘Draw 4’ incident that took place during a game of Uno on Christmas Day 2017.

The game in question is believed to have taken place after Christmas dinner cold cuts, with all the adults feeling sufficiently tipsy to the point of thinking a game of Uno was a good idea.

Kietha Morris is reported to have been on her final card (known as ‘Uno’ amongst card aficionados) when her daughter Jennifer played a Draw 4 Wildcard on top of two other Draw 4 Wildcards meaning Kietha had to draw a total of 12 cards.

“No! But I’ve got a Draw 2! Come on, not fair! I was just about to win this one!”

Tension increased as Kietha tried to play one of the twelve cards she had just picked up, only to be told by Jennifer that she was not allowed to do so.

“But you did it before! Oh, I get it, don’t tell mum all the rules hey? Pathetic Jennifer.”

The game was finished in silence as Jennifer went on to claim victory amidst claims from Kietha that she hadn’t even heard her say ‘Uno.’

“I did mum, you just weren’t listening.”

“Well maybe if you hadn’t made me draw 12 cards. I was so close to winning.”

“You can’t finish on a Draw 2 anyway.”

“Since when? I swear to God you make these up you little bitch.”

From there it is reported Kietha spent the rest of the evening Googling the rules for Uno before triumphantly announcing that not only can you finish on a Draw 2 card, but that nowhere in the official rules does it state Draw 4 cards can be played on top of one another.

By that point, however, Jennifer had gone to bed and is reported to have not spoken to her mum since.

While rumours of a rematch are circulating, it looks unlikely considering the two players do not seem to agree on the rules of Uno and the fact Keitha straight up called her daughter a bitch.



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