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A popular Hebel-area farmer’s son has lashed out at his father this morning after it’s been revealed that he accidentally purchased the wrong model Mercedes Benz ute that he’d been asking for his birthday.

Gavin Tucker, of Tucker Queensland Cotton Pty Ltd, said he instructed his father to get him a ‘new’ Merc ute to replace his ageing MY16 SV6 ute.

However, it seems Peter Tucker didn’t get the full memo.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this afternoon, Peter said up until his son’s blow up, he didn’t even know the German car manufacturer made utes.

“That’s what made me scratch my head,” said Peter via telephone.

“So I called up my car broker and he shrugged his shoulders as well. So I hit the Google and had a bit of a look about and found a Mercedes conversion in Rockhampton. I thought I was going to make Gav’s birthday dreams come true,”

“Instead, I’ve left them in tatters.”

What happened this morning on the state-boundary block was nothing short of biblical, according to the 68-year-old.

“So Gav’s come out of the house, thinking there’s $100k worth of Panzer ute in the turning circle. He’s seen the ute I bought him and he’s just gone off the handle. Throwing himself around in the dirt, taking fistfuls of dust and throwing them into his wide-open eyes. The writhing around, screaming, shouting and hollering,”

“You’d think he’d just been roshambo’d by Sterling Mortlock or something. Jesus wept, I didn’t know what I’d done wrong.”

Once he’d sufficiently calmed down to the point where he could hold a conversation, Gavin also spoke candidly to The Advocate today via telephone.

“I mean, the mind boggles. Doesn’t it?” said Gavin.

“When I told him I wanted a new Mercedes Benz ute, I meant a new Mercedes Benz ute. Not that purple slug with the fucking 19-inch rims on the cunt! It’s nigh on fucking 20-year-old! You’d be lucky to get into Goodooga before the thing blew up!”

“It’s such a piece of shit, it had to come out here on the fucking low-loader! What am I supposed to do with this wookatook looking thing? I might as well comprehensively insurance and drive it into an irrigation channel! Fuck my life.”

Gavin then slammed the phone down, thus terminating the interview.

More to come.


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