Despite the fact that Jessie from accounts has actually used up every single minute of this year’s annual leave, she appears unbridled in her rush to book tickets to a four-day music festival in July this year.

Jessie, who has already attended like seven festivals this year, has also been able to budget the time and money into two seperate trips to Melbourne.

The 23-year-old became a topic of hot gossip earlier last month, after it was revealed that she had somehow managed to run her available sick days into a deficit this year, most of which have been Monday’s and Tuesdays.

As the nation’s festivalheads sit quietly refreshing their phones and desktops, waiting for the 2018 Splendour in The Grass tickets to go on sale, Jessie has had to grit her teeth and do it in front of everyone.

This has lead many of her jaded older colleagues to begin asking questions.

“We’ll just see how we go” Jessie tells the nosey baby boomer she shares a desk with.

“Maybe I’ll be able to work it off on overtime”

“Maybe I can wrangle some personal leave”

“Maybe I’ll just quit my job and tell everyone here to get fucked because a weekend on the grog with my girlfriends staring at David Leaupepe’s crotch will be far more fulfilling than anything that you robotic softwares sales reps can offer me”



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