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A woman who is two weeks into her business school term has today been confronted by some concerning results, after undertaking a psychometric test for one of her modules.

Alyssa Foreman [20] is said to have started business school at the insistence of her parents, as she wasn’t quite sure what to study and didn’t have the grades to get med or science.

So far, Alyssa has found the course to be pretty dull and a little bit difficult, considering she’s terrible with statistics and data. But at least her family is happy that their daughter is taking the road most travelled, instead of trying to figure out what she really wants to do.

But seeing as she’s still young, Alyssa is also at that point in life where she’s trying to become a version of herself that isn’t possible, given her highly anxious personality and tendency to be melancholic. So far to say, becoming a type A, analytically minded business woman who thinks with logic might not be on the cards for her.

However, that won’t stop her from denying proof that suggests she might not be mentally stable to handle intense pressure, or trying to instead work to her strengths – such as her highly creative mind, affinity for music and ability to easily communicate.

So when her uni test results came back with a score that was high in neuroticism, Alyssa found herself marching up to the tutor and asking for a redo. Because obviously there’d been a mistake.

“I really don’t think I’m neurotic, do you think I’m neurotic?” asked Alyssa, “can I take it again?”

“I think I might have done it too quickly and mucked up some answers.”

“Yep, I’m sure I did. Or maybe read some of the questions wrong?”

“Actually, you know what? I think these results are incorrect because I looked it up online and there are a lot of resources that say it’s not an accurate indication of personality traits.”

It’s alleged her tutor simply looked at her in silence, prompting Alyssa to eventually nod and walk away.

More to come.


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