As of this morning, it’s been confirmed that the former federal Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie is still the only member of the Coalition government that is yet to face repercussions for her actions.

The weird coincidence comes as the Cabinet Minister at the centre of the historic rape scandal apparently prepares to give a statement on the issue, where he will strongly deny all allegations and seek to just chug along with his powerful highly paid job.

That latest incident follows the likes of Angus Taylor, Peter Dutton, Craig Kelly, Alan Tudge and Scott Morrison managing to wait for various scandals to just blow over and disappear into the news cycle.

Which, isn’t what happened to Bridget McKenzie, who was at the centre of a pork-barreling Sports Rorts scheme, directly involving the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Nationals Member was forced to fall on her sword for the improper spending of taxpayer money, which numerous other people were involved in and seems as dodgy as things like Angus Taylor’s water licence behaviour and Peter Dutton’s offshore detention contracts and Community Saftey Grants dispersal.

However, despite that, and the actions of various other ministers and members of parliament in this scandal-plagued government, it can be confirmed that only Bridgette’s behaviour is worthy of consequences.

It’s not known whether it’s because she’s a member of the Nationals, or whether, it may have something to do with her gender in a male-dominated cabinet and party.

However, given how the little resistance or blowback from the regional members of the government, it seems like the latter could be the determining factor.

We contacted the Prime Minister to ask about the issue but were told he is desperately trying to figure out when the next doses of the vaccine are going to land, and how he can market that to the public.

More to come.


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