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A local multi-property owning older Australian has today dealt the world of digital currency a damning blow.

Writing in our town’s very own Betoota Bugle (the NewsCorp masthead for the Channel Country) editor Ian Foster explained that cryptocurrency is a fad, and potentially even a scam!

The veteran journo who publishes the odd opinion piece for the Bugle in between nationwide syndicated stories and local court reports, has written a gloating piece about this recent digital currency crash.

“Bitcoin is down over 30% in recent days,” neglecting the thousands of percent it has gone up in the past few years.

“And all of these gamblers now have egg on their face,” explained the man who isn’t bitter in the slightest about never purchasing some crypto currency.

“I tried to warn people for years that this whole thing is a shambles and gains like this are unsustainable,” continued the owner of a few million dollar plus properties in our town’s Grove and French Quarter’s.

“It defies logic, unlike turning the basic human right that is having a roof over your head into a way for people with capital to make exorbitant amounts of money.”

“I just hope that this time people learn that crypto is nothing but a scam, because people like me don’t like the fact it challenges traditional markets.”

“And we can go back to a small number of investors versed in the complex nature of capital being able to monopolise profits.”

More to come.


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