A local idiot who has found himself back at his parent’s house has rediscovered the extremely stressful predicament of having a family member burst into his room at any given moment.

The fact that his mum could come rolling in with the laundry basket as late as 10:00pm has made life very difficult for the 28-year-old named Jack, who has been living out of home since his first year of uni in 2006.

“It’s multitasking 101” he says, with a smirk that shows he’s not sure if he’s proud or hilariously disappointed in himself.

“You never know what you’re going to be interrupted doing”

Jack is what modern anthropologists refer to as a Boomerang Child. Meaning, he had a crack at the real world and has now come crawling back. Maybe it’s because he spends more time trying to find the right time to rub one out then he does looking for a high paying job.

Boomerang children and those who never leave — so-called “failure to launch” children — are fast becoming “normal” in Australia and the Western world, according to researchers.

“This is not just an Australian phenomenon. In fact, across the entire Western world we are finding young adult children living with their parents much later than they were 20, 50 years ago,” said associate professor Walter Langer of the University of Western Queensland

“What we have found is these young people develop very observant skillsets, as well as the ability to quickly hide under a doona”



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