Local man, Glenn Vo (27) says the next time he plays the role of a life counsellor, he’ll make sure he doesn’t have to pay to do so.

While on his lunch break from Betoota’s lead Fish & Camping retailer, Glenn took his wife’s advice and went for a quick short back and sides at the Daroo Street Barbershop. Little did he know, that he’d spend the best part of an hour taking on the barber’s deeply troubled emotional baggage.

“That haircut went for like 40 minutes” he spits.

“I didn’t even get to have anything to eat on my lunch break because I was too busy learning about old mate’s long lost love affair with brass instruments”

“Or his apparent fiancee that skipped town in 1999”

“I was like, cunt how many fucking people do you tell this shit to”

With a now below standard haircut, Glenn says he’s absolute ropeable.

“If I wanted to help some boring old prick talk about his disastisfaction with life I’d go and volunteer at the men’s shed”

“I bet you my missus doesn’t even notice I got a haircut, let alone the shit I went through to get one”




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