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The good patriots at the Australian Tax Office have warned low-income earners not to make mistakes or worse, be dishonest, on their tax returns this year as they look to crack down on the nation’s engine room once again.

Despite there being hundreds of foreign-owned and local companies that have obviously made millions and billions this financial year without recording a profit, one corporate Johnny from the ATO our reporter spoke to this morning explained their crosshairs are focused elsewhere.

“This year, we’re shifting focus to the working poor and the dubious expenses they try to get past us,” they said.

“Let it be known, the ATO knows more about you than you know about yourself. We will know if you’re lying so don’t even try.”

When asked by this masthead if the ATO is in the business of putting businesses out of business, the same corporate Johnny laughed and said they weren’t.

“No, no, no,” they said.

“We can work something out. We work with small business. Small business is the backbone of the economy, we’re not about to rip the spine out of Australia. That doesn’t mean you can rip us off, that’s for the mining companies and airlines. But you can’t take the piss.”

More to come.


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