While the rest of the Federal cabinet has been looking to stay away from work over the last few days, the Deputy Prime Minister has rolled his sleeves up and gotten into a bit of hard yakka.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Anti-Mask Barnaby has decided to tackle the most pressing issue the nation faces head on, and set about pulling down a local 5G tower.

The arduous task comes a couple of days after the fill in leader of the country was fined for not wearing a mask during the middle of an outbreak which has seen the majority of the population lockdown.

Since then, the new found truther has taken it upon himself to stand up to big government, trying to uproot a phone tower in his latest attempt to protect himself from the deep state.

“Your not spreading your virus here,” said the fired up Member for New England while tying his straps around the bases of a phone tower out the back of Glen Innes.

“Not on my fucking watch,” he huffed as he fiddled around with the choker.

“Fuck Bill Gates, Fuck George Soros and fuck this fascist authoritarian government”

He then jumped into the cab of his 4WD and tried to rip one of the tower’s posts out of the ground.

Unfortunately, as he was revving the shit out of his poor patrol to little avail, the police arrived on the scene.

After a string of colourful insults Anti-mask Barnaby was hit with multiple charges.

He was fined $200 for not wearing a mask, and $1000 for not having a valid reason to leave the home.

More to come.


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