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Despite being told to remain impartial while reporting on the same-sex marriage postal vote, the bollards out the front of the ABC’s Ultimo offices have been painted in the sequential order of the ‘gay pride’ rainbow flag.

However, the public broadcaster has denied that the colourful renovations have anything to do with the upcoming postal vote on gay marriage.

Aphordtyie Frog-Hale, the ABC’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, took time out of their busy afternoon to speak candidly to The Advocate regarding the rainbow bollards.

“In case you haven’t been down there, that particular part of Ultimo is quite dreary. Drearier than Catalyst,” they said.

“So we thought we’d jazz it up a bit with a splash of colour. Make the area a bit more pleasant to be in,”

“The suggestion that the ABC has taken it upon themselves to show their support for same-sex marriage by doing this public artwork is nothing short of preposterous. We are impartial, steadfast and unbias in all our operations. The ABC is an equal opportunity employer.”

Not to be out done by the rising scandal, Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi scoffed at the suggestion the ABC hadn’t maliciously damaged their own property to aid an immoral and ungodly pursuit.

“You can’t look me in the eye and tell me they haven’t done this to show their support for gay marriage,” he said.

“You simply can’t. The colours are even in the same order they are on the fucking flag for Christ’s sake!”

“Whoops! I apologise for taking the Lord’s name in vein. Father Campbell is going to whip me raw for that.”

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