A local young liberal chapter president has today put it all on the line by openly acknowledging that some people aren’t attracted to the opposite sex.

Hugo Griffin-Knightley says his typical Australian upbringing  – which saw him attending several international schools in Hong Kong and Singapore while his father ran the comms arm for FedEx AsiaPacific, before settling into an eight bedroom apricot-brick in Sydney’s leafy North Shore – meant that he got to meet people from all walks of life.

“We need to acknowledge that gay people exist outside of the ANZ Mardi Gras” he says.

“They are a real community, with their own culture. I don’t know anything about it, and frankly I don’t want to know much more about it”

“But I’m willing to allow it, so long as they don’t bring it near me”

Hugo’s comments are controversial within his political factions and social circle, as many older conservatives feel he is potentially undermining any argument against identity politics by acknowledging the existence of a minority group.

“I don’t care” he says, knowing full well he is heading towards martyrdom.

“I’m the new face of conservatism”

The 23-year-old champion of human rights has also alluded to the fact that he thinks that Aboriginal people, at some point in the future, when the economy is sorted, should be able to vote.


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