There is finally some hope for aspiring Aussie journalists today, as the largest media monopoly in the country announces plans to do what no other news publishers are able to do without a $850m dollar tax rebate from the government.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation will today bring on board close to 100 news reporters, to immediately get to work in their booming Degrading Aboriginal Sportsmen Department.

The average age of the new batch of promising writers is roughly 23, and none of them are expecting a byline on any of their articles.

All were required to have only lived in upper middle suburban Sydney and Melbourne their entire lives, except for 3 years at a sandstone university, before moving back in with their parents.

As the Australian media landscape continues to change with the introduction of that broadband internet thing that Murdoch family made the Australian government drag the chain on for as long as possible, it seems vilifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has remained a strong suit for their organisation.

That is why this particular style of writing has been prioritised above all other news.

The Adam Goodes booing saga of 2015 resulted in hundreds of thousands of clicks for the Daily Telegraph Sport and Fox Sports websites, and the vilification has only grown stronger as the nameless ‘staff writers’ turn their attention to the rising crop of Indigenous rugby league talent.

While NRL fans appear less incline to join a bandwagon of defamation dictated by race-baiting media grubs, it seems the same archetypes of ‘ill-disciplined’ and ‘sooky’ Aboriginal athletes remains a cash-cow for this dying organisation that was not prepared for the invention of social media.

The new talent in the News Corp Surry Hills building was on show for last weekend as an on-field melee in a Campbelltown Indigenous rugby league comp was plastered across all newspapers as a ‘disgraceful display’ and ‘shocking scenes’

Several Aboriginal NRL stars have since noted how he coverage of the Tribal League punch-on was remarkably different to the reporting that surrounded a very similar scenario between several non-Indigenous player in State Of Origin Game II.

The Origin fight was instead glorified with ‘THE BIFF IS BACK!’ – in an effort to promote the game III decider, of which they were an official media partner.

The faceless coal mining and Liberal Party shills who work as editors in these newspapers say they are excited to see what other Aboriginal athletes mate have their lives ruined by this new batch of journalists, and hope that fans don’t become victims of free speech like they did that time a banana was thrown at Eddie Betts in Adelaide.



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