With only three rounds of regular season footy remaining, couch commentators are coming out with the most cutting hot takes that they read while on the dunny. 

One such clairvoyant is West Tigers supporter Rodney Tumble (46) who has foreseen that Minor Premiership shoe-ins the Penrith Panthers will choke during finals footy.

“All this winning has gone to their head,” stated Tumble who after three seasons of touch knows exactly what the mentality of playing Rugby League at the highest level is like.

“If they don’t lose a game soon they are going to crumble in the finals mate.”

Despite his words causing some concern, Panthers fans across Australia (see Penrith) need not worry, as a quick look through Tumble’s social media history shows he also thought former Labor leader/failed Meme Lord Bill Shorten would definitely be Prime Minister right now.

In an April 2019 Facebook post, Tumble shared a news article that indicated Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing would lose the election to Shorten with a caption reading:

“ScoMo is a caretaker who doesn’t care! Glad Bill Shorten will soon be replacing him, help Aus prosper economically and end this Engadine Maccas meme once and for all.”

At the time of writing, none of Tumble’s three predictions have come to fruition. 

“Yeah, obviously if I had known Shorten wasn’t going to win I wouldn’t have said it.”

Although Tumble clearly has an issue with predictions and a bias towards a team on a 12 game winning streak (that also just beat his team) he states his prediction is as good as fact.

“Look, you can either sit there silently enjoying life or you can be one of the thousands of freethinkers with opinions that defy sense in a comments section you constantly refresh to see if enough people have liked it.”

“I’ve made my choice. #OnTheBus”

When asked to weigh in on how he thinks the Penrith Panthers will perform in footy finals, Bill Shorten laughed and explained pretending to like footy is a job for people who actually get elected.


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