Shouting the wives and girlfriends of NRL players a Queensland holiday is more important than holding the 2021 NRLW season, the game’s organisation has confirmed today.

As various factions of NRL WAGs tuck into bottomless brunch or enjoy service in their room, the NRL has officially postponed the women’s competition.

Blaming logistical and financial obstacles, the organisation that negotiated with the Queensland government to fly hundreds more WAGs into the state this week has announced that they will be pushing NRLW back to February 2022.

The decision comes after the NRL spent a couple of weeks slowly letting the air out of the tires of the female athletes who are constantly asked to work like professional athletes on a pro bono basis.

“Allowing the wives and girlfriends of our male superstars into the free state to keep our boys’ company is more important than trying to grow the game, and show 50% of the population that we take them seriously,” said an NRL spokesperson today.

“On the bright side, we’ll do two NRL competitions next year. We’ll even throw in a couple more State of Origin matches.”

“Sure, this means that our severely underpaid female athletes will now have to take six months leave from their jobs and families if they want to participate … but overall, this is a huge win for women’s rugby league,” he said.

“We’ll make Women in League round extra special next year too!”

Forgetting to apologise to the athletes who flew over from New Zealand to quarantine for the competition and now can’t get back, the official then thanked the WAGs for making the sacrifice to come and enjoyed an all-expenses-paid holiday in a resort.

WAG of 4 months Sophie Holland said the NRL’s ability to get the Queensland government to let them in despite a full hotel quarantine system was a godsend.

“I know they aren’t letting people with sick and dying family members in, but it’s great for me to be here for my bae,” said the woman who spreads misinformation about medicine online.

“I know he can’t make other friends in the community now, but I think he really appreciates me being here.”

“Thanks NRL.”


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