Hostilities surrounding the state of Israel Falou are once again in the news, as the most controversial figure in Australia’s rugby codes announces plans to invade Queensland rugby league.

This has seen a spike in the religious tensions surrounding Israel’s beliefs, and the subsequently casual racial vilification of Israel’s supporters online.

The conservative firebrand is viewed by many in both rugby league and rugby union as the architect of the ‘ongoing religious conflict’ which has been plaguing both Australian rugby codes for many years.

Israel is once again being aided and abetted by publicly supportive superpowers, who have been backing him financially since the start of his war against a community of people who have no interest in living under his rule.

Today he’s decided that he now wants to occupy Queensland Rugby League, against the wishes of that community.

The controversial rugby fence-hopper is set to return to the rugby league field next weekend, after the right-wing populist announced his return to the game via Gold Coast’s local A-grade competition.

Until this week, it was thought that everyone was on the same page when it comes to condemning Israel’s well-documented history of attacking the human rights of his neighbours.

However, it now seems that his actions have been validated after he was backed publicly by a prominent billionaire former politician.

Clive Palmer has this week sent a letter to the Queensland Rugby League urging the governing body to support any application for the former Kangaroos, Maroons and Wallabies superstar to play for the Southport Tigers – and to please forget about that social media post where he said gay people are going to hell – and then refused to apologise or take it down.

Palmer and Folau fronted a press conference at the Hilton Hotel on the Gold Coast this morning and announced the former Wallaby will be once again allowed a seat at the table of Australian sport.

The Queensland Rugby League has not yet given comment on the controversial actions taken by Israel and his billionaire backers, but the Australian media has described the situation as “very complicated”.

It is also believed that the Prime Minister is very much supportive of Israel, and his actions.


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