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Employees at the frequently frantic NRL Integrity Unit are this afternoon pacing the halls of their offices nervously.

The anxious mood down at the unit has been caused by complete radio silence this month, on what should be another month of NRL scandals.

“Everyone’s on knife-edge down here,” explained one member of the unit named Simon Tuff.

“Something should have happened by now, and there’s been nothing, not a peep for weeks now.”

“Nothings come up on the police scanner, no one from any of the clubs have called and no one from the Tele has got any photos.”

“It’s quiet, too quiet.”

“You’ve got a better chance of walking into a clean share house bathroom than you do of stopping the boys ripping in at the end of the season.”

“It just may be that, by some miracle, they’ve managed to not film any of the shit they’ve got up to.”

“Lord knows, but you can be fairly certain it won’t stay this quiet for long.”


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