Prominent rugby league WAG, Kaylentaya Shayley, has today drawn a line in the sand.

Her husband, Braydeighn Shayley (32), who plays fringe NRL for a club that will never win a premiership has been told by Kaylentaya to sit out the 2022 football season – as the freedom of choice debate fires up amongst the anti-wagxers.

Kaylentaya says she’s fine with her husband spending ten years in and out of concussions, because that’s part of his job.

She says she was very supportive when he Stephen Dank put her husband on a cycle of legally grey performance supplements while he was on the bench for the Sharks seven years ago, because that’s part of his job.

She also didn’t mind when he had to have three seperate shoulder reconstructions and a keyhole surgery in his knee, because that’s part of his job.

But the NRL’s new jab protocols, aimed at protecting the welfare of players during the pandemic, is a step too far.

On top of all this, both the QLD and NSW state governments, and the NRL have said that instamunnologists citing disproven medical papers do not count as a ‘real doctor’.

These new rulings, according to Kaylentaya, are an affront to what she believes are her husband’s constitutional rights. That’s why she’s had to draw the line, and would rather threaten their entire family income than to let her husband take the jab.

“Baby” a heavily botoxed Kaylentaya tells Braydeighn, her heavily tattooed husband that earns a quarter of a million dollars a year in his role as a product of medical and sporting science.

“Don’t let those needles anywhere near you”



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