Toowoomba local Daniel Black will lie awake for months, possibly years to come wondering if he missed his Alan Bond moment.

The reserve grade hooker for Toowoomba Brothers picked a perfect round in his work tipping comp, but forgot to put a multi on the game.

“Fuuuckkkk, I honestly feel sick. I’ve got this knawing pain in my stomach,” he told the Advocate this morning.

For the last couple of years Black says he always puts a 10 dollar “hail mary” bet on the winner of every game from an entire round of NRL.

“Literally every round for the last 3 or 4 years I put the multi on, I’ve missed a few times by one leg, sometimes two,” he explained.

“This week, I didn’t go to the pub after work, I completely forgot to whack it on. I sat there as each game came off, one by one, feeling sicker and sicker.”

Shaun Stevenson, a colleague and friend of Black confirmed the fact that Black didn’t put the multi on may not have been such a bad thing.

“Jesus, he is going on about it changing his life and all this shit. He would have just flushed it straight back through next weekend and then some”

“He would’ve gone back into the red on the footy and kept pumping his pay it into the pokies… That money would have never seen his bank account,” Stevenson laughed.

Black confirmed that he will be making sure that the same mistake never happens again.

“Yeah you’ve gotta be in it to win it aye, even if being in it means you lose a few hungie every few months (laughter)”

“Moral of the story. Always chase your losses… But more importantly, always chase the wins you never had”


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