Local blues die-hard Josh Sullivan has already begun explaining to coworkers why New South Wales is a real shot of winning State of Origin this year.

Work colleague Ash Barton said that Sullivan, 29, usually starts to murmur about Origin around this time of year, before reaching fever pitch the week before Game One.

“I feel so bad for him, like he gets incredibly excited for it and it’s tough to watch the deflation mid-way through Game 2 or 3,” Barton said.

Sullivan said that he knows NSW haven’t had the best go of it lately but this year they are in with a “genuine chance.”

“If you look at the potential teams, player v player, we have a better team on paper.”

“Honestly, our forward pack is way better this year. We should bash them in the middle, and then let Jenko and Duges dot down on the edges,” he said.

“It’s gonna be brilliant when we wipe the fucking smile of Cam Smith and Cooper Cronk’s face. I can just see it now.”

Barton said Sullivan was pretty bad last year after the Game 2 loss.

“He was crushed, throwing around comments like; “How many boats did Cam Smith give the fckn ref this year,” and; “it’s just fucked. How can we win when it’s rigged?””

Sullivan confirmed that NSW have to win this year for his sanity.

“I can’t do it anymore, I spend months getting wound up, and in a flash it’s all over and I am saying to myself, ah well always next year. I have spent my entire 20’s doing that mate. I don’t know where my life’s gone.”

“When Darren Lockyer retires, when Jonathan Thurston retires, fuck me dead, I’m over these whens. I really need the boys to step up this year, and I’m telling you they will.”


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