The multinational footwear giant, Foot Locker, has experienced an unprecedented level of demand for the classic three striped suede footwear – with the one of Sydney’s flagship stores having emptied their entire store room of the classic blue box.

“I saw a young man try and buy a pair of Dragons off a strangers feet for $200 cash yesterday, only he was a size 8 and the gentleman was a size 12” said Bondi Junction local and foot locker team member Beverley Griffiths, 24.

“I offered him my Superstar shell toes but he didn’t want a bar of them”

It appears the Dassler drought in the Eastern Suburbs has forced many of the regions hardest hooligans to venture in to the CBD to try and snap up a pair before they’re all gone.

“It’s not every day that East Sydney FC manage to get into the grand final – let alone against perennial bad guys like Melbourne Navy Blue – and seeing as virtually nobody turned up to the regular season games – we are seeing a huge influx of customers trying to get their hands on shoes for the biggest day of the year”

“I’ve been told that Ben Sherman is having a similar issue with polo shirts and apparently the Burberry store in DFO is putting on extra security! It’s an exciting time to be an East Sydney fan I’ll tell you what!”

One disappointed soccer fan and would be customer, Kevin Lucan-Scott, 16 said “It’s definitely a shame, man”

“…But I’ll think I’ll just get mum to drive me to the George street store, I’ve read on A-League discussion that they’ve still got a few pairs of Sambas left, so fingers crossed I suppose”

When asked whether this lack of a positive male role model may be to blame for his contrived passion and wanton thuggery the teen replied “Wot, you want some? I’ll give it ya” – Before bouncing on the spot and furiously asking our reporter who he was – in a confusing, vaguely English accent. The match kicks off at

The match kicks off at 5pm on Sunday with those travelling to the match advised to allow extra time for travel as each supporter will be subjected to a 15-minute grope by police on entry in a vain search for pyrotechnics.


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