Former half-decent footy player, Luke Carter has today taken a moment to wonder about what his life might’ve been like he wasn’t a full blown hedonist who lives beer, smokes and fast food.

After nearly a decade of putting his work, body and once half-impressive footballing skills on the line, Luke is now transitioning into a ‘club hero’.

This means his ability to play sport are no longer of importance to anyone, especially the three or four single women that have rocked up to watch the Betoota third grade side this year.

“At least I still have the 2012 grand final” he says to himself, thinking back to the last time he scored a try, which was funnily enough in the first 10 minutes of tightly contested premiership winning match against Bedourie.

But as the Sunday Session, that he organised for no real reason, begins to to turn into a school night blow out, Luke can’t help but wonder if he’d have played top level if he’d pulled back on this kind of behaviour.

“It’s just been hard with the culture of the club is all” says Luke, with that Springsteen-esque twinkle in his eye.

“But I used to be a pretty tidy lifting front rower back in the day”

“Someone said one of the Ella brothers were sent to one of my school boys matches. To suss me out”

“Not sure if it’s true but yeah I had a couple injuries since then and stuff”


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