Known for being a man of few words, Phil Lawson has offered little information about his past.

The mercurial father of three is said to have originated from Cairns, spending his youth shooting roos and cane toad hunting with his several brothers and sisters.

Other than gleefully recalling memories that involve a violent activity, Phil only seems to offer up mildly disturbing information when triggered by a conversational prompt – but then refuses to answer any follow-up questions or elaborate any further.

For today’s horrifying tidbit, it’s alleged his eldest son Ryan was chatting to his mum about potentially visiting the quarry with his mates when his dad caught wind of the conversation.

“Mansfield Quarry?”

“I haven’t been there in years.”

“Didn’t know it was open to the public anymore.”

When queried why the quarry would be shut down, Phil is said to have shaken his head sadly and muttered something about an incident.

“What incident, dad?”

“Did something happen?”


Casting a haunted look to his curious family, Phil says he’d prefer to not talk about it before sauntering out the front door, albeit, a little dramatically.

More to come.


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