The residents of Betoota have found their hearts a little warmer than usual today as an older fella’s trendy shoes hinted that the codger must have a good relationship with his adult daughter.

Just like anything that has changed since 1985, Tony Timbertin (53) of Betoota Heights finds the modern world of ‘sand shoes’ confusing, alienating and something that only people with “a useless degree of some kind” can understand.

And as the proud owner of a useless degree, Tony’s daughter Josephine (23) navigates the modern world of shoes with Bradshawrian levels of enthusiasm, a passion too big to not share with the people she loves.

“Seriously, the shoes he had before came in a pack of 12 from Kmart,” stated young Timbertin, whose relationship with her father grew even stronger after she began to consider him a project of sorts.

“He looked like an old depressed dad, which to be fair he is sometimes but it doesn’t mean he has to look like one.”

Now walking with a scientifically engineered spring in his step, Tony is now known around town as the old fella with the slick kicks who must have done a great job raising his kids.

“Ah yeah, Josie suggested I pay a bit more and the TMs [sic],” stated Tony as he pulled his laces to a tightness not anticipated by the product designers. 

“I’ve also got a pair of Adidoes [sic] and get this, boat shoes that you don’t even need to wear socks with! What kind of Willy Wonka invented a shoe like that huh?”

Tony then had to end our interview as Josephine’s shift at work had just ended and they usually spend the time between work and dinner having a friendly natter.


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