There’s nothing that unites people more than a shared hatred of what just might be the worst thing to come from the boomer generation since the housing bust – the surge of Karens.

A phenomenon that hospitality and retail workers have unfortunately taken the brunt of, considering they’re essentially the front line.

Though the origin of the term is unknown, ‘Karen’ has gained traction over the past few years and is used to describe a middle-aged woman with a temper problem.

It’s unknown if there’s a male equivalent, but a plethora of video footage appears to show it’s a predominantly middle-aged white woman problem that’s synonymous with a short, choppy hairstyle known as the ‘can I speak to the manager’ haircut.

Unfortunately for chemist worker Tilly Hutchins, she’s had to face a Karen this morning when a drug ended up being a little bit more expensive than the customer was used to paying, resulting in an unnecessary tirade.

“I don’t understand, the Ponds chemist usually charges me $16.10 and you’re saying this is $17?”

“What’s the extra 90c more? It’s the exact same type of beef.” “Surely you can give it to me at the same price? You want my business don’t you?”

“I’m just finding it very hard to support a local business if they think overcharging customers is morally okay?”

Turning around to garner support from the rest of the line, who quickly avoided eye contact and shuffled their feet, Karen went on to launch a tirade of insults targeting the business, the owner, and the poor sod behind the counter – who didn’t have the energy to educate her on how businesses in higher echelon areas have to charge extra to spin a profit as the rent is more expensive.

“Tessa , is it?”

“You don’t look like a Tess, where are you from?”

“Well I think the tone of your voice is very disrespectful and I don’t appreciate your attitude.”

Spinning on her heel as she leaves, Karen’s back cops a wave of heated glares and sighs of relief as she heads off to write what is sure to be a very heated Google review.

It’s alleged that the rest of the customers made sure to be extra nice to the frazzled clerk afterwards, offering sympathetic nods and chirpy pleasantries to clear away the negative energy.

More to come.


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