A millennial that’s broken the mould by purchasing a home has made sure to keep in with his peers by referencing a lifetime of debt, lest he becomes a part of the hated minority.

James Tippet [25] is said to have purchased a home on the outskirts of Betoota Ponds with his missus and was about to post an obligatory Facebook announcement to showcase his success.

But as his fingers had hovered over the keyboard, James was met with a deep feeling of unease and somewhat guilt, of his success. 

Speaking to our reporter over a plate of chips, James reveals the turmoil he feels as being one of few millennials to ‘make it.’

“Not going to lie, had a bit of a crisis about it”, admits James, “with both taking out a $400k mortgage and announcing it online.”

“I don’t even know if it’s even seen as an accomplishment anymore? Anytime I used to see a post about homeownership, all I could think was ‘why though?’

“God, I hope people don’t think I’m bragging.”

Adding that he hoped to pay it off in 20 years, James admits the decision to have children will likely extend it by another ten anyway.

“Guess it’s better than renting, dead money isn’t it?”

“Like yeah, I might live in a shit hole with a 50-minute commute to work, but at least I’ll own it.”

More to come.


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