A local dad Phil Riley has confirmed that he still holds a torch for Stevie Nicks.

Feelings that have somehow never dwelled after thirty so years of obsession.

It’s alleged the father of three had a few of his kids around one Friday night when he’d attempted to bond with them the only way he knew how – drinking scotch and watching the 1982 Fleetwood Mac mirage tour. Notably, the passionate, fury filled performance of Lindsay Buckingham and Steve Nicks singing ‘The Chain.’

Offering the occasional fun fact and sigh of admiration, Phil has not held back with his deep love of Stevie.

“They absolutely hated each other”, says Phil, at a pivotal moment Lindsay looks at Stevie with sheer hatred, “imagine having to sing the song your ex shit talking you ahha.”

“He was no doubt a root rat, look at him.”

“Bloody Mick’s on another planet that one.”

“You know she used to be a bloody coke head?”

“God, what a gorgeous woman.”

“Absolute class act.”

“I actually dated your mother because she looked a bit like her back in the day.”

Taking a deep sip of his scotch and coke, Phil appears to shake his head wistfully as he watches the small-time capsule from his youthful days.

 “I still think she’s a fox.”

More to come.


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