A local woman has discovered first hand the trials and tribulations of being an adult, after trying to fit a doona cover.

It’s alleged the Betoota Heights local had gotten the sudden urge to clean her apartment one Thursday night, which came at the inconvenient time of 9pm.

The thought is said to have started off as a compulsive itch, first encouraging her to put her clothes away and vacuum the floor before escalating to stripping her bed – with no thought on the time it would take to wash, dry and put the sheets back on.

Unfortunately for Anita, she’s had to tackle not one but two single person obstacles – putting on the dreaded fitted sheet and fitting a doona. The latter of which reminds her why she only washes her doona blanket once a year.

Spreading the doona cover flat on the floor and attempting to fit the doona in each corner, Anita finds herself unable to grab the edges of the doona without the other side completely slipping down. When she does manage to finally get the corners together, half the doona ends up balling together and causes the entire doona to slide down, restarting the entire process all over again.

As she finds herself straddling the doona cover and desperately trying to unbunch the sheets, Anita figures her best bet is to relinquish all dignity and crawl inside and flatten it out manually like a starfish.

More to come.


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