As various social media and messaging platforms take over the tech landscape, it can be revealed that the initial form of messaging has slowly become more and more redundant.

Particularly for one local bloke named Sam Marychurch, who says he can’t remember the last time he got an actual text message from a friend or family member, that wasn’t a missed call notification.

“It’s pretty much the Italian pizza place up the road, my good friend Ruslan Kogan and that loud mouth ex front-rower from the shire how are lighting up my inbox,” explained the Betoota Heights Bachelor.

“Between WhatsApp, Signal, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, I haven’t really needed to send a good old fashioned to anyone,” he laughed.

“It’s really just Dominoes trying to spam me into a Supreme Pizza, Kogan pushing some random tech shit, and big Craig Kelly trying to sell me anti-science bullshit so he can keep his high-paying political bludge going.”

“Seems kinda weird I know. Back in the day, I used to get a few hundred messages on the old Nokia 3310 and sending a text to a mate or some chick I had a crush on was the forefront of technology,” he said.

“Now, it’s banal.”

“The last time I replied to message was to say ‘Yes’ and confirmed a doctor’s appointment,” he said after a quick scroll through his messages.

“Maybe I’ll send one now,” he laughed.

More to come.


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