Feeling that all familiar stab of fear at the pit of her stomach, local woman Tayla Fields glances at her Instagram profile icon a second too late.

She’s committed the number one cardinal sin of Instagram stalking – forgetting to use her burner account under the fake name ‘Joshwaters67.’

Tayla is reported to have created the account roughly one month ago, after having a few too many close calls stalking her ex’s new girlfriend’s account. Though she knew better than to obsessively watch every single story, which yes, hurt just as much as she thought it would, Tayla just couldn’t help herself. She had to know.

It’s unknown exactly what motivates her to follow this relationship closely, as every tagged story of them on a dinner date sends her reeling into a terrible depression. But at least now she’s armed with the knowledge that her ex takes his new misso to the exact same places he used to take her. Ouch.

Up until now, this shameful activity has been kept a secret, but Tayla has gotten a little sloppy as time has gone on. Resulting in her accidentally viewing a story at midnight, from her own personal account.

It’s alleged Tayla immediately panicked and blocked the account in hopes her transgression would go unnoticed, before frantically googling Quora for a solution.

More to come.


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