A stressed young lawyer has today decided to feed our local freshwater Dolphin population. 

Bethany Williams (24) did so earlier this week after a plastic bag of hers got caught in the wind and drifted out of her grasp.

The incident occurred at the end of her extremely brief lunch break in the park, away from her desk – something not often enjoyed by young lawyers. 

Fielding a call from one of her control-freak partners trying to guilt-trip her, the young lady rapidly tried to pick up her rubbish from lunch and get moving back to the office where she spends most of her life. 

But, alas, as she tried to secure her belongings a big gust of wind whipped up the plastic bag her lunch was handed to her in, and whisked it out of her vicinity. 

“It was one of those big breaths of air that takes it so quickly, that you instinctively know it’s out of reach,” she sighed to us. 

“You know, that moment, where you try and convince yourself you can or should run, but you just haven’t got it in you.”

“And with my boss hassling me and heels on, it just got away.” 

“I know, I know,” she sighed to our reporter. 

“It’s off down to Lake Betoota to feed one of our local freshwater dolphins cause it looks like a jellyfish.”

“I’ll be better. I’ll use eco-friendly glitter at Splendour this year.” 

“But, it’s just one of those things, I’m not proud of it, and I’m sorry.”

We tried to contact Dorry the Dolphin who reportedly gobbled up the tasty morsel, but the freshwater Lipotidae was surprisingly, unavailable for comment because it choked to death on the plastic bag.

More to come. 


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