In a touching display of strength and determination, a failing headlight bulb has just made it to the day before a pink slip inspection before finally succumbing to the strain of the many hours of light it had faithfully provided in these dark times.  

“I know I was only supposed to last 5000hrs” said the exhausted bulb from inside a dumpster.

“But I knew the guy who owns the car was going through some tough times and I just wanted to take some of his worries away by lasting as long as I could. I’m glad I made his life that little bit easier”. 

Well that’s just fucking great,” said owner Craig Testor, owner of the now-unregisterable vehicle.

“I’m so glad it packed it in right when someone is about to check that it works. It couldn’t have died one week ago giving me time to fit a new bulb could it? My day is going great. Just super.”   

Luckily for Craig, local mechanic Darren has got his back and is prepared to get the aging car over the line by replacing the bulb himself before doing that sneaky thing with the brake testing machine and approving the Pink Slip. 

“Times like this are the reason I became a mechanic” confided Darren.

“I could just say bad luck mate, come back when this bulb is fixed, but that’s just not me. I can help this poor bloke by walking over to this shelf over here where I have lots of different types of bulbs, fit the new bulb for him in a couple of minutes, and then add $130 to the bill. That’s why I became a mechanic.” 


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