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The music industry is reeling today from the findings of a decade-long study into two of it’s biggest names.

For many years now, many insiders have long suspected US rock bands Kings of Leon and The Killers are actually the same band.

Earlier this afternoon, the music industry’s peak scientific body, PitchGronk, published the controversial study into the super groups and since then, representatives for the two acts have gone into damage control.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate about the shocking revelations, local rock journalist enthusiast Ross Stone, who’s also in a band so his opinion is valid, said he and the rest of his colleagues were shocked.

“The evidence, in hindsight, is quite clear,” he said.

“They’ve never played at the same festival, although I expect somebody on the internet to prove me wrong and leave a comment on the article but I don’t care about that, that’s not important,”

“What is important is that these bastards need to be made accountable for this. They’ve misled and lied to so many people. How would you feel if Ringo Starr came out and said he played drums on all the Monkee’s studio tracks? You’d be angry, just like I am now. The first dance at my wedding with my wife was to Sex on Fire! I’m heartbroken!”

The Advocate reached out to the Mr Brightside hitmaker’s management for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

However, the Nashville-based Kings Of Leon emphatically denied any wrongdoing on their part in a short statement to the media this afternoon.

“We are not The Killers,” they wrote.

“But Keith Urban actually plays rhythm guitar for us and for that, we’re sorry for not telling our fans sooner.”

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